Imagine a world where patients, caregivers and HCPs trust and admire us, and believe we care for them.

Imagine a world where patients, caregivers and HCPs trust and admire us, and believe we care for them.

Leaders in Life-Science Companies (pharma, med tech, med device):

Need Help?

  • Strengthening your patient-focused mindset/culture?
  • Teaching your people how to optimize trust, time, influence and collaboration?
  • Creating greater hope for patients and impact on business simultaneously?

We Deliver:

Skills: to become patient-focused, behavior change experts

Purpose: to become passionate, self-motivated, engaged and engaging contributors 

Outcomes: where personalization leads to profit 

The Story of Our Founders

Do you believe in a world where people in life-science companies feel proud they can make a difference for their companies, themselves, HCPs and most importantly… patients and their caregivers? We do. Our founders, John Elliott and Jill Donahue know firsthand the difference life-science people can make to bring greater hope to patients and the dangers of their absence from the healthcare pit crew.

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