9 declarations to help you live your best life

I was wishing upon a star last night – the first star I saw in the deep blue sky. Do you know what I wished for? Maybe it’s the same as what you wish for; happiness for my family and friends – to live a meaningful life filled with great contribution and joy. I started wondering how do I teach them how to best achieve that. And it occurred to me that Brendon Burchard has summarized it nicely in his book The Motivation Manifesto. Instead of wishingfor happiness, this book teaches us how to make it happen.

Do you want to live your best life; to make your greatest contribution to the world and experience the greatest joy possible? I sure do and I love books that offer me wisdom to make it happen.

While Brendon admits the work is hard and will require new levels of presence and control, he makes it easier by outlining nine declarations to make. Click the link to enjoy just three of the GEMs I took away.



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