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Wish you were there! eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015

There were 15 minutes left. There was only one thing left to do. Paul Simms, the mastermind behind eyeforpharma, had the difficult job of summarizing the past three days in Barcelona. Nearly 900 senior pharma leaders, patients and service partners had gathered for the pre-eminent, largest attended pharma conference of the year. We enjoyed awesome

How is the fear of rejection impacting your day?

We all face rejection every day. As a pharma person you face a lot more than the average bear. How is it impacting your day and your success? I loved this TED talk by Jia Jiang in which he shares the surprising lessons he discovered in his 100 days of rejection experiment. Squash your own

2 exercises to help you FLOURISH today!

Quick! What do you want most for your children and loved ones… and for yourself? Give me a one-word answer. Did you say happiness? If you are like the thousands of people Martin Seligman polled, you would say “happiness,” “confidence,” “contentment,” “fulfillment,” “balance,” “good stuff,” “kindness,” “health,” “love,” “being civilized,” or “meaning.” In short, well-being

Congratulations LEO!

“I’ve been watching you for 3 years,” she said to me as I walked off the stage. You see, Kathy Foris, VP Scientific Affairs at LEO pharma had a similar mission to mine. I have been trying to help pharma figure out how to become patient centric, and Kathy has been trying to help LEO

9 declarations to help you live your best life

I was wishing upon a star last night – the first star I saw in the deep blue sky. Do you know what I wished for? Maybe it’s the same as what you wish for; happiness for my family and friends – to live a meaningful life filled with great contribution and joy. I started

5 tips to make reading a daily habit

I couldn’t believe my luck. A few weeks after I had finished reading the excellent book The Compound Effect, I met the author Darren Hardy. In addition to his title of best-selling author, he is the editor of Success Magazine. Think about it. He interviews successful people all day long – for a living! I wanted to get his

What if how we think about doing good and making money is all wrong?

I watched this fabulous TED talk again this morning. It really impacted me. I highly recommend you watch it. I’ll explain below how I think it can help us in pharma. But first, a bit about the talk….. Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta illustrates the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Do

Who Cares Wins

I’ve read books about businesses doing well by doing good and I’ve read books about the rise of social media. This is the first book that shows how the two are intrinsically interlinked. Social media will reward those businesses and people who are socially responsible and remove those who aren’t.1 In Who Cares Wins (such a clever title,

The small BIG!

Do you know exactly what you should say and do to move someone forward? What if you could make small changes that spark big influence? Written by influence heavyweights Steve J. Martin, Noah J. Goldstein and Robert B. Cialdini (known as the leading social scientist in the field of influence), The small BIG offers us fifty insights

Quick and Nimble – the secret ingredient that helps companies thrive

Adam Bryant started with a simple idea. Instead of asking CEOs about their strategies and competitive landscapes, he asked them about: leadership lessons they had learned, the culture they try to foster, how they hire. This idea burgeoned into a feature column in the New York Times called Corner Office and a New York Times bestseller by the same name. In

Grow – the secret to what the top 50 companies do differently

“What do the world’s 50 best brands have in common?” wondered Jim Stengel (then the global marketing officer of Procter & Gamble). He set out to answer this question by performing a 10 year growth study of 50,000 brands. The study tracked the connection over a 10 year period between financial performance and customer engagement, loyalty, and

Selling With A Noble Purpose

No one expected the study to reveal what it did. It was intended to identify what separated top salespeople from the average ones. The outcome? Bigger bonus? Greater product knowledge? Nope! The top performers had one very distinguishing feature. They all had a far more pronounced sense of purpose than their average counterparts. “The salespeople who sold with

Thrive – ideas that help!

When you think of success what two words pop into your mind? For many, it’s money and power. If you are lucky, you have about thirty thousand days to play the game of life. What you value will determine what game you play. Arianna Huffington in Thrive shares the scientific findings that show us that if you value money, you

Smartcuts – 9 ideas to work smarter

In Smartcuts, Shane Snow shares his discoveries of what people and businesses do that achieve rapid success and breakthrough innovations. He catalogues their patterns and culls them down to nine principles. These nine principles comprise a framework for breaking convention and explain how successful people do more with less. Enjoy my summary of his book

What Great Brands Do!

If you want to dramatically improve your company, the solution may be right under your nose – in your brand. The trouble is that average businesses use their brand as an outwardly facing symbol or a message. Denise Lee Yohn argues that only when their brand becomes who they are and the compass for all

Dan Pink’s must watch TED talk (only if you need to motivate people)

Dan Pink, one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world (as determined by Thinkers 50) shares great insight to the puzzle of motivation. He shows us that social scientists know what most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think. Dan’s lessons are extremely valuable for us in pharma. Enjoy

5 tips to make a great first impression

I met my daughter’s new teacher today. And in one minute I knew it was going to be a good year. It made me think, what makes people like you immediately? In my effort to help you be more engaging, here are 5 simple tips. Do you do them all? What would you add to

Would your doctor sneak a meeting with you?

Ah… the beaches of Portugal! The sun was shining and the water was beckoning, but there was Benita prepping to go on a work-with. You see, she took some time on her recent family trip to spend a day in the life of a rep in Portugal. She was curious about the differences from country

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