Brand Thinking – and other Noble Pursuits

Imagine how fun it would be to be a fly on the wall at a dinner party with Dan Pink, Tom Peters, Karim Rashid, Seth Godin, Brian Collins and Malcolm Gladwell. Those are just 6 of 22 of the world’s leading brand thinkers that Debbie Millman interviewed for Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits.
Even better?
You don’t have to cook for or clean up from this party. She’s done all the work and you get to just enjoy the conversation. She poses the question “What is a brand?” to these brilliant thinkers. If you are looking for straightforward answers, you won’t find them here. If, however, you are looking for thought provoking ideas to answer your questions of whether you have or need a brand and how to create one, pick up her book. She pulls together their answers for us to enjoy the differences, similarities and off-the-cuff debates right along with her. You will love the meandering discussions and thought provoking ideas. Enjoy my summary of her book below.

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