By looking to the past we can see the future of pharma

Enjoy this excellent summary from Ernst and Young. Global Life Sciences Report 2012 “Progressions: The Third Place: Healthcare Everywhere”. Short summary and link below.

Our Past

Let’s look at the historical big picture to help us look forward.

There have been two tremendous innovations in healthcare in human history.

1) Hygiene. In the nineteenth century we adopted modern hygiene principles which dramatically improved patient outcomes.

2) Breakthrough drugs. We know this innovation we know well. We lived through it. We were part of it. It lasted the better part of the twentieth century. It was the era of breakthrough drugs and devices; products that fought disease – from smallpox and polio to cancer and HIV.

Cusp of change

We are now on the cusp of change; transitioning into the third big wave of innovation. This time however it won’t be driven just by breakthrough drugs but by behavior change. There will be more emphasis on discovering interventions (not just drugs) that improve health outomces. This will necesitate aligning the pit crew – the patient, health care providers, pharma, government and associations to support these interventions. These interventions will require expertise in how to influence behavior change.

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