Who Cares Wins

I’ve read books about businesses doing well by doing good and I’ve read books about the rise of social media. This is the first book that shows how the two are intrinsically interlinked. Social media will reward those businesses and people who are socially responsible and remove those who aren’t.1

In Who Cares Wins (such a clever title, don’t you think!) David Jones shows us how social media will help propel the Purpose Economy we have entered.

Do you remember Milton Friedman’s assertion in the 1970s that business’s only responsibility is to maximize profits for shareholders? Or perhaps you better remember Gordon Gekko’s speech to the shareholders in the movie Wall Streetwhere he argued: “Greed is good.” Jones asserts that this approach to business is now obsolete.

The erosion of Friedman’s argument has evolved naturally, enabled by our growing interconnection, spurred by the economic meltdown and as well as a widening acknowledgement of the plight of our planet and people.

Enjoy my 3 gems from his awesome book here.


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