Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities that Make Us Influential

You are at a party. Clearly you want to connect with people, but how? You look around the room and unconsciously size people up. What are you looking for? And don’t forget, they are also judging you. What criteria are they using? John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut have actually figured out the hidden qualities that make us influential. They’ve distilled it down to two main features and teach us how to enhance them in Compelling People.

They draw on cutting-edge social science and their work with Fortune 500 executives, members of Congress, and Nobel Prize winners in their effort to teach people how to connect with others. They discovered the basic framework we all use to judge each other. They offer insight into the subtle but critical signals that make some people unforgettably engaging and others merely forgettable. In the end you see people differently and can change the way others see you.

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