Congratulations LEO!

“I’ve been watching you for 3 years,” she said to me as I walked off the stage. You see, Kathy Foris, VP Scientific Affairs at LEO pharma had a similar mission to mine. I have been trying to help pharma figure out how to become patient centric, and Kathy has been trying to help LEO figure out how to become patient centric. We stood and chatted at length about the blogs I had written, the authors we both loved and the bright future for pharma companies who figure out how to move patient-centricity from project-based to people-based.
And now – almost 2 years later –  I couldn’t be more proud.
Check out what they have done to become a patient-centric organization. They are now finalists in the eyeforpharma award for Most Impactful Emerging Initiative. Congratulations LEO!
Read their story here and watch their 45-second video above.

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