Do you live a “charged” life?

Are you ready to question why you live at the energy level that you do? Are you ready to challenge yourself to live a consciously designed life that makes you feel more engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic – a CHARGED life?

Brendon Burchard’s book, The Charge, won’t let you settle for living in boredom, distraction, or mediocrity. He shuns “normalcy”. In The Charge, Burchard inspires us to demand more of ourselves and then empowers us to purposely choose the way we show up in the world, define the meaning of our experience and demonstrate how remarkable we are. Burchard inspires us to live in color.

He empowers us to activate the drives that will lead to measurably improving the quality of your life. And implementing his ideas will lead to greater influence for you. Enjoy my summary of the 3 best ideas from his book by clicking on the link.

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