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"I have totally changed my teaching style after the Elite Speaker Academy. And not so surprising... I am getting WAY more interaction from the students. :)"
Stacey Lova Grona, BScPT, MSc
Program Director, Continuing Physician

How many medical talks have you seen that were… well… less than sensational?

What if you could help your speakers love presenting just a little more, such that their audiences love listening and actually act on the ideas? What if YOU could be a more engaging speaker?

After sitting through hundreds of deadly talks, Jill knew there had to be a better way! She asked herself, “How can I fix medical talks?” and to uncover the answer, she explored the question “Why doesn’t typical Speaker training work?” She identified 5 key problems then weaved the solutions into a strategy that works like nothing seen before.

How can I help fix medical talks?

Why doesn’t faculty training work?

One-time teaching isn't enoughSpaced repetition is a powerful, evidence-based study technique that can enhance learning and long-term retention
No time for itShort sounds bites are digestible
In person time is expensiveMobile
Trial and feedback is necessary for speaker to improveVideo and coaching calls
Speakers need accountability to try new thingsPeer webinar

People We Have Helped

Watch the 2-minute trailer to learn more!

What does the Elite Speaker Academy accomplish?

  • Increases the impact of our medical talks by enabling speakers, through the application of adult learning principles, to increase participant engagement
  • Establishes sponsoring company’s leadership and commitment to improving patient outcomes
  • Creates opportunities for life science professionals to partner with speakers in their success
  • Does the above in a cost and time-efficient way

What does the Academy
consist of?

  • An initial live workshop
  • 10 mobile lessons over 10 weeks
    (~ 10 minutes each)
  • Skill application period
  • 1:1 coaching session
  • A second live workshop

By the end of the program, they will be able to:

Identify and stop making the biggest mistakes most presenters make

Apply new strategies to make content more engaging

Feel more confident that they know what to say and do to engage their audience such that they have the impact they want

Companies We Have Served

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Jill Donahue

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