2 exercises to help you FLOURISH today!


What do you want most for your children and loved ones… and for yourself? Give me a one-word answer.

Did you say happiness? If you are like the thousands of people Martin Seligman polled, you would say “happiness,” “confidence,” “contentment,” “fulfillment,” “balance,” “good stuff,” “kindness,” “health,” “love,” “being civilized,” or “meaning.” In short, well-being is your top desire.

Now quick, what do schools teach?

In short, none of the above! Schools teach us how to succeed in the adult workplace. And once in the adult workplace, we learn more skills related to work and none related to flourishing!

The good news is that in his fascinating book, Flourish, Martin Seligman gives away keys to well-being and teaches us how to flourish. Those of us who are curious enough to look for answers can find them here – all for the price of a paperback and a few hours of your time! What could be more worthwhile?

Click here to read my summary with my top 3 gems from this most excellent book and 2 exercises you can do today!

Really I recommend you read the whole book, but at least start with this summary!

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