Gas Money for pharma folks

No matter how bad an experience, we can always make it better when we choose to learn something from it. That’s what Troy Lewis, author of Gas Money did. I met Troy at a conference for pharma trainers. We happened to sit at the same breakfast table and he soon had me mesmerized with his stories. Troy Lewis is a brilliant storyteller and teacher.

I remember thinking, “This guy should write a book!” I soon learned that he just had! He had been inspired to write after a colleague told him, “Troy, you told me a story three years ago that I’ve never forgotten, and I’ll apply it to the rest of my life.”  She continued, “If you write a story nearly as well as you tell it, then you should write a book.”

Gas Money is Troy’s recollection of his many experiences growing up in the south. I couldn’t put it down. And each time I had to, I found myself sharing one of Troy’s stories and lessons with my daughters.

When I was a little girl, I loved reading Little House in the Prairie. I learned so much from the stories of Laura Ingalls growing up in the midwest over a hundred years ago. I was just as intrigued and learned just as much from Gas Money – the stories and lessons of Troy Lewis growing up in the south over fifty years ago. Fascinating.

Troy courageously shares his journey and in so doing gives us all gas money to propel our own. He reflects on the characters in his life and how they molded and shaped the man he became. So many characters on our life’s stage offer us a nudge in one direction or another.

Here’s my summary of my 3 lessons from his book

and there’s a link so you can purchase your own too! Pay it forward and help a colleague!

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