Hélène Bellerose

Power of Purpose Interviewer

Her Why

I’ve always been driven by a desire to help people. In my first job as a camp counsellor, I met children who faced terrible injustice and their stories left an indelible impression on me. Compelled by my desire to help, I pursued a career in Social Work. However, as a practicing Social Worker, I soon became discouraged by the vastness of our societal problems. Before long, I knew that I wasn’t making the difference I wanted to make. 

When an opportunity to become a pharma rep came my way, I jumped at it. I saw it as a chance to help bring lifesaving medicines to people in need. Unfortunately, the role was nothing like I hoped. 

I learned a lot and met great people—but I never felt as if I was helping patients. At the time, pharma companies were focused on the numbers, not the people. I was miserable.

A turning point came when I connected with my friend Carole, who had a career as a corporate trainer. I remember how I felt as she described her job to me. It sounded incredible! Helping people love their work and become better at it…and getting paid to do it? A lightbulb appeared in my mind. This was how I could make my difference—by training and empowering others as a Pharma Trainer. I loved that role!

Now, I help to transform pharma companies for the better. I get to collaborate with organizations that are dedicated to putting the patient first—the kind of places I always wanted to work for when I entered this industry. I work with them to solve problems, develop vital skills, and find greater meaning in their lifesaving work.

Everything I do comes together when I facilitate programs, and coach people. I live for the ah-ha moments—when people make the connections, see the penny drop, and say “Voilà!” They walk away more engaged and engaging at work and at home and better equipped to help patients. And when they are making a difference in the world, that’s when I know that I am making my difference, too.

I studied to earn my Coach Certification through Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and now I’m a certified Power of Purpose Interviewer.

Praise for Hélène Bellerose

“I want to thank Hélène for her kindness and sensitivity during the 1:1 coaching session. It was very much appreciated.” 

– Mary Nicola, Senior Brand Manager, Endocrine Care, Pfizer

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