Instead of earning MORE how about spending DIFFERENTLY!

Want to be happier? – Instead of earning MORE – how about spending LESS!
I bet you’ve read a book or two on how to earn, save and invest money but have you ever read one that teaches you how to spend it? You likely think you don’t need any help with that! Did you know that scientific research exists to show you how to get a bigger happiness bang for your hard-earned bucks? And that research proves that what we have intuitively been doing doesn’t work!

Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton show us that money really can buy happiness. But maybe not in the way we think. They tell us that greater wealth often fails to provide as much happiness as many people expect.
In Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending we learn how to stop the never-ending quest reaching higher and higher to make more and more money in search of happiness. It teaches us to shift our focus from earning more to spending differently.
Read my summary of top 3 lessons from this book here.



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