Invisible Influence

“Because people are constantly trying to find the right words to say to someone, they ignore something that is 100 times bigger than the exact words: they ignore the context.”

You will only want to read this post if you need to influence people around you. If anyone just excused him/herself, let me know. I’m curious to know who in this world does not have to influence anyone around them.

For those still with me, imagine you are going into an important call with one of your hcps. You really want the doctor to not just love your product, but to see exactly which patients it can help! You know all the features and benefits and you’ve memorized your script. Ready? Wait! Stop!

Most people fail to influence because they don’t take into consideration the many variables that sit outside of what you say. It’s not in the script. Nor is it in the value of your offering. Kevin Hogan summarizes in Invisible Influence the scientific discoveries that reveal unique approaches to influence others. There are things you should do and should not do, well beyond what you say. Read the short summary here.


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