I’ve Interviewed Hundreds of MSLs About What Brings Meaning and Joy at Work, Here’s What I Learned

For so many MSLs, their purpose was clear when they were practicing healthcare professionals or in the lab. But then, after moving to ‘the dark side’ of pharma, as their friends often quipped, they started to second guess their purpose. 

The question, “how do you live your purpose as an MSL and find meaning and joy at work?” may be daunting. If it sounds like too big a question, think of it this way. What is it about your work as an MSL that makes your efforts worthwhile? And how do you keep your noble purpose – to help HCPs save and improve lives, front, and center? And finally, how do you show others your noble intentions to help patients – despite their pre-existing stereotype of you?

Excellerate founder Jill Donahue has interviewed hundreds of MSLs from around the world to help them find, develop and communicate their purpose. When she asked MSLs why they do what they do, three commonalities emerged.

For Jill’s three lessons from those conversations and her advice on connecting with your purpose as an MSL, read her new article in The MSL, the journal of the Medical Science Liaison Society.

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