Jill Donahue

EngageRx President, Managing Director & Founder

Her Why

When I was 35, my father died of an avoidable prescribing error.  As a pharma person reflecting on my family’s loss, all I could think about was one question: how did healthcare fail him? Answering that question and discovering how we can help deliver better outcomes for patients has become my life’s work.

Through my research and interviews with thousands of best-selling authors, researchers, and life science professionals from around the world, I have discovered the biggest mistakes pharma professionals make and solutions to those mistakes so they can bring value to their healthcare partners and their organizations. The biggest mistake may surprise you! As a consultant, speaker, author, and coach, I share solutions with life-science teams and empower them with the skills and confidence to serve HCPs and ultimately patients more effectively. I love lifting life-science professionals with the power of their purpose and seeing them love their work more and become even better at it.

I’ll know I have succeeded when more life-science professionals feel proud of what they do and confident that they can make a difference for themselves, their organizations, and most importantly…patients.

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