JP McGlynn

Power of Purpose Interviewer

His Why

I am someone who thinks deeply and searches for meaning. There is much pain in humanity but I believe life is altogether magical—a gift. I have discovered that while pain is a given, suffering is optional. Discovering what’s behind the curtain helps us live a full and meaningful life. At least it has for me.

When I was 22 and living in Limerick, Ireland, I visited the psychiatric hospital where my dear uncle, who had become addicted to prescription medicine, was a patient. Once a prominent and successful businessman, his decline was swift and severe. One cold night in February, I went to visit him. He wasn’t doing well. 


I tried to reassure him and said I would be back the following night with my brothers and that we could all hang out. When I returned to the hospital he was missing. After a long search, it was discovered I was too late. He had hung himself. Devastated and suffering myself from addiction, I was scared straight. I had a vision of myself in the not-too-distant future lying dead in the family plot. He had died from his addiction and addiction ran deep in our family. 

Around this time, I had just finished my BA in Media Journalism and Philosophy, and I was searching for truth. Unpacking the relationships from my dysfunctional childhood, I found that moving toward the flame—not away—helped me live life fully and meaningfully. I got sober at age 24 through the AA program and I recently celebrated two decades of sobriety!

A post grad in Comedy Writing and Performance paved the way to many years of acting and performing, which I loved…until I didn’t. I found greater joy in helping others through AA and writing stories.

When I think about my purpose, the words ‘story’ and ‘truth’ come to mind. And to some extent ‘stage’—at least the part about being seen and heard. Now I see that ‘connection’ is what I need to see and be seen—without the fanfare of the stage.

The grace that has set me free is finding this truth for myself. That’s why helping others find their truth is completely meaningful for me.  

Today, I seek connection and meaning by listening to others’ truths and packaging them up into meaningful stories to help people be seen and be heard, and to help them find their internal flame of purpose. I believe my purpose, my special skill, is to truly see and hear people—to help them see the truth  with a sprinkle of magic.

It’s not lost on me that when I help people in pharma connect to their purpose, they help doctors help patients…just like my uncle. 

I am a truth seeker, a story-teller and a Purpose Interviewer at Excellerate.

Praise for JP McGlynn

“I really enjoyed working with the facilitators and hearing of my colleagues experiences. I can’t say enough about JP. It was great working with him.”

– Participant

“JP is phenomenal. The way he put my story together was magical.”

– Shawn McCullough, Clinical Account Manager, Travere Therapeutics

“I was Negative Nellie going into this call but really enjoyed it and got a ton out of it. JP was AWESOME.”

– Dina Gossett, Manager, Onboarding Specialist, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

I went in reluctantly – thinking I didn’t have a story but half-way through the penny dropped! JP was so easy to talk with – we really connected!”

– Brezden Van Orden, Associate Director, Learning Technology & Measurement, Novartis

“JP was so good! It was a very fun interview! I have no idea how he did it – it was fascinating and illuminating.”

– Pia Kuss, Director Nephrology Research, Travere Therapeutics

“JP did a great job helping me shape my story by seeking to understand the driving force behind the decisions I have made which led me to my role as the Director of In Person Promotion Skills. His active listening skills were apparent when he shared back his initial draft based on our discussion; he perfectly captured all the details I shared and added some great phrases that helped bring them to life.”

 – Agustin Ramos, Director, Skills Training, U.S. Oncology, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Thank you so much for your guidance and enabling me to more clearly articulate my “why.” You have provided me with an outstanding foundation that captures the essence of what I shared with you.”

– Courtney Denitzio, GIBU Business Operations Lead, Takeda

“JP was great! It was amazing how he helped me organize my thoughts and purpose!”

– Wu Gong, Principal Biostatistician, Travere Therapeutics

“I really liked the interview with JP. It was like a blind spot sharing – helping me see the true meaning behind my work.”

– Don Frailey, Senior Medical Science Liaison, Travere Therapeutics

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