Keila Fraser

Client Experience Manager

Her Why

My desire to help others started young. I was blessed with parents that had a profound impact on my future. I admired my mother’s resourcefulness and my father’s tenaciousness.

Driven by the desire to be a good example for my sister, I was committed to being the best version of myself. I decided I would pursue tertiary education and combine my love of people and the environment.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Communications and worked in the energy sector as a Community Relations Officer. It was then that I realized that my love for protecting people (and the environment) was transferred into a passion for helping. I loved it! This led to furthering my education and acquiring a master’s degree in Communication, Media and Public Relations. 

Now I work with Excellerate doing what I love the most, helping people! Our purpose-driven team helps people ignite and fuel their purpose – we help them connect with why they do what they do – help them find themselves in such a way that they go home happier and do better work!

My job is to create and manage the systems to ensure every participant has a great experience in their journey through our programs. I am the juggler – keeping all the balls in the air and the ringmaster – creating engaging communications and organizing when and where they go. I work with our team and our clients to ensure they have a successful and enjoyable journey working with Excellerate. I hope people remember me as someone who was always willing to help. I want to be the person that I want others to be, and I value truth over all things.

In this remote role, I can control my life and be my best self again so that I can be there for my daughter. I love the flexibility and transparency of my team. This role has allowed me to refocus and pursue my personal and professional goals. 

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