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Her Why

When I was a kid, I used to tell people that I wanted three jobs when I grew up. I would be a teacher during the daytime, a psychiatrist in the evenings, and on summer break, I’d write the stories of all my students and patients. 

Of course, I grew up to recognize that three jobs were too many for a day with 24 hours!

I ended up following the path that led me to be a journalist. Who, what, where and especially why have always motivated me.

I love to learn stuff—big stuff, little stuff, entertaining stuff, even trivial stuff. And the part of me that wanted to be a teacher is also passionate about sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve now been freelancing for more than 20 years. I write for magazines and newspapers, edit trade magazines, academic work and websites, do corporate writing and even ghost write books.

I really love the variety and want to make a difference with my writing, by making connections and sharing information.

A great day is when I’ve learned something new and found a great way to communicate it. I love it when someone I’m interviewing says, “Wow—that’s exactly it!” I’ve helped them express themselves in a way that others understand. It’s great to be able to share.

It’s satisfying to help people on the journey to insight and then expression. I never became that psychiatrist but feel like I’m still trying to understand what makes people tick.

It’s interesting that I now find myself working with people in healthcare, since I remember volunteering at the hospital as a teen and still volunteer in hospitals to help bring pets to patients. 

I’ve been a pretty avid volunteer most of my life. I’ve held about 40 different volunteer positions—helping people in need, animals and nature. I think it’s important to take responsibility for the things I care about.

In this role at Excellerate, I’m excited to be working with people in pharma and so very grateful that we have such clever people doing such important work.

I help people articulate why they do what they do, and how their work matters—to themselves, their company and ultimately, to patients. That is how I make my difference.

Praise for Kim Arnott

“You did such a fantastic job. You put my story together beautifully. I don’t even know how you did this in such a short period of time. It was incredible.”

– Danny Dobrovetsky, Therapeutic Specialist, Sales Internal Medicine, Pfizer

“I’m amazed that you listened for a short period of time as I spilled out a ton of insights, and within less than ten minutes, you had created this beautiful story about what makes me passionate about what I do each day. All of this, as I worried about the blank page in my notebook for my purpose story. You are awesome!” 

– Melanie Dicken, Clinical Account Manager, Travere Therapeutics

“It’s amazing what you can translate in less than an hour. It’s very cool.” 

– Ginny Lyons, Clinical Account Manager, Travere Therapeutics

“It was a “WOW.” I don’t know how [Kim] put my story together from breadcrumbs and so quickly. I just loved the whole process. It was really great!”

– Lynne Gordon, Director, Publications & Scientific Communications, Travere Therapeutics

“Kim was able to create a safe space for me and get me talking about my life story in a comfortable and relaxed manner. In the end, she perfectly pieced together seemingly unrelated parts of my life to construct what I believe is a very true representation of my purpose in my career.”

– Jonathan Mei, Pharma & Healthcare Management & Innovation (PHMI) student, Queen’s University

“I am writing to express my immense gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable session with Kim and the group discussions with you. The whole experience has been transformative, taking me on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that I never imagined possible.”

– Harpreet Kaur, Pharma & Healthcare Management & Innovation (PHMI) student, Queen’s University

It was a really great experience chatting with Kim. She created a safe space in which I was able to reflect, dive deep and share my journey.”

– Katarina Pessina, Field Medical Affairs Scientist, Pfizer

The 1:1 was really special. I was so impressed with how Kim created a story so quickly!”

Etienne Khoury, Field Medical Affairs Scientist, Pfizer

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