Kim Arnott

Power of Purpose Interviewer

Her Why

When I was a kid, I used to tell people that I wanted three jobs when I grew up. I would be a teacher during the daytime, a psychiatrist in the evenings, and on summer break, I’d write the stories of all my students and patients. 

Of course, I grew up to recognize that three jobs were too many for a day with 24 hours!

I ended up following the path that led me to be a journalist. Who, what, where and especially why have always motivated me.

I love to learn stuff—big stuff, little stuff, entertaining stuff, even trivial stuff. And the part of me that wanted to be a teacher is also passionate about sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve now been freelancing for more than 20 years. I write for magazines and newspapers, edit trade magazines, academic work and websites, do corporate writing and even ghost write books.

I really love the variety and want to make a difference with my writing, by making connections and sharing information.

A great day is when I’ve learned something new and found a great way to communicate it. I love it when someone I’m interviewing says, “Wow—that’s exactly it!” I’ve helped them express themselves in a way that others understand. It’s great to be able to share.

It’s satisfying to help people on the journey to insight and then expression. I never became that psychiatrist but feel like I’m still trying to understand what makes people tick.

It’s interesting that I now find myself working with people in healthcare, since I remember volunteering at the hospital as a teen and still volunteer in hospitals to help bring pets to patients. 

I’ve been a pretty avid volunteer most of my life. I’ve held about 40 different volunteer positions—helping people in need, animals and nature. I think it’s important to take responsibility for the things I care about.

In this role at Excellerate, I’m excited to be working with people in pharma and so very grateful that we have such clever people doing such important work.

I help people articulate why they do what they do, and how their work matters—to themselves, their company and ultimately, to patients. That is how I make my difference.

Praise for Kim Arnott

“You did such a fantastic job. You put my story together beautifully. I don’t even know how you did this in such a short period of time. It was incredible.”

– Danny Dobrovetsky, Therapeutic Specialist, Sales Internal Medicine, Pfizer

“I’m amazed that you listened for a short period of time as I spilled out a ton of insights, and within less than ten minutes, you had created this beautiful story about what makes me passionate about what I do each day. All of this, as I worried about the blank page in my notebook for my purpose story. You are awesome!” 

– Melanie Dicken, Clinical Account Manager, Travere Therapeutics

“It’s amazing what you can translate in less than an hour. It’s very cool.” 

– Ginny Lyons, Clinical Account Manager, Travere Therapeutics

“It was a “WOW.” I don’t know how [Kim] put my story together from breadcrumbs and so quickly. I just loved the whole process. It was really great!”

– Lynne Gordon, Director, Publications & Scientific Communications, Travere Therapeutics

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