Leaders Eat Last

Remember Simon Sinek from the phenomenally popular TED talk and book “Start With Why”? Well, he’s back with another fabulous book! I love this one!
If you want to help your team perform you need to sit up and listen to what Simon says (I couldn’t resist that one!)

If you want to be one of the 2 out of 10 people who can say “I love my job” listen to what Simon says.

Like Start With Why, Simon backs an aspirational message with neuro-science – and adds even more weight to his claims through dozens of fabulously engaging case studies. Sinek’s message is no more complex than what you likely know deep down… that leaders who look after their people, have people who look after the numbers. He reviews the attributes that are essential for great leadership. You’re going to love this book.

Enjoy my summary of top 3 lessons from Leaders Eat Last here

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