My new fav TED talk

This great (& funny!) TED talk could be the best 12 min of your day!
Shawn Achor has done research linking perspective, happiness and success. He teaches us 5 simple things to do each day for 21 days to train our brains to become positive in the present so our brains work better and we are happier!

Some highlights for me from his highly engaging and entertaining talk include:
  •  90% “of our happiness” is determined by how we view the world ‘internally’. 
  • The lens through which your brain views the world shapes your reality.and if we can change the lens not only can we change your happiness but business outcomes as well.
  • 90% of long term happiness not predicted by external world but how your brain processes it. 
  • 25% of job success predicted by IQ.
  • 75% job successespredicted by optimism, social support, ability to see stress as a challenge instead of as a threat
  • Reverse the formula for happiness and success. 
    • Old formula “Work harder = more success = more happiness”. 
    • New formula “increase positivity = better performance, intelligence, creativity, energy, business outcomes, 
  • 31% more productive when positive in the present.

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