Planning your way to balance

As I travel through various organizations I see the same thing… people searching, even craving for balance. And they should. It will make them happier which in turn leads to greater influence. Having a balanced day (that includes time for all the important things) starts the day, even the week, before.

Here are 3 tips to help:

1) Book an hour each week to review the previous week and plan for the next. I love this hour and I make sure it happens by booking the time in my agenda. I make it something I look forward to by doing it at Starbucks – with my favourite Chai Tea Latte. I allow myself to step off the wheel of getting things done and take in the big picture. I ground myself in the priorities and then set a plan for the week ahead.

2) Identify the 1 thing that can make the biggest difference and block time for it. My time dedicated to writing EngageRx for example, is blocked as an appointment in my calendar.

3) Bookend your day. Use 15 minutes at the end of each day to identify the top three things that must be done the next day and 15 minutes at the start of the next day to list how you will accomplish those top three things and then block time for them.

The big benefit of this approach? It frees your mind. Once things are written down in your planning tool and time is blocked in your agenda, you can let go of any worry you have about them. Rarely will things slip through the cracks.

How do you plan? I created a planning tool for myself that incorporates ideas from various leadership authors. Just click the link below to see it.
Do you have a tool you use? I would love to hear your ideas – do you use an app? paper/pen? Share your ideas below.

Weekly planning tool template

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