The Power of Purpose

"Don’t miss out: Connect with your inner reason for being here!!! Attend the most impactful session you will ever attend!! It was truly inspiring!!"
Mark Degen
Business Unit Head, VP of Oncology

The Power of Purpose takes your patient-focused vision off the wall and embeds it into the hearts and hands of your people.” – David Fortanbary, Head of Training

Question: Whose interests do healthcare providers or colleagues believe you (the biopharma professional) have top of mind?

Your own? People are influenced by those they trust, admire and believe care for them. With trust in biopharma below that of tobacco companies, we have a gap to fill. Until we connect with and communicate our focus on the patient, we will not have the engagement we need to create our best outcomes.

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The Power of Purpose first shares evidence that purpose-driven teams outperform others by 400%. It then guides you through a unique process to harness your purpose–your connection to patients–and turns it into tangible outcomes.

Graduates feel the pride that comes from being the trusted partner and positively impacting patient outcomes and business outcomes simultaneously.

For life-science companies, The Power of Purpose ignites a cultural change that transitions patient-centricity from an ill-defined idea into a driver that creates value for your company, your people and most importantly—patients.

Do you want to love your job in life sciences, feel more engaged and be more engaging? Whether you want to have greater connection with HCPs, feel more engaged, or to enjoy the pride that comes from being the trusted partner to HCPs who reaches your corporate goals and helps patients faster, the ideas in this program will be the catalyst to your success.

The Power of Purpose answers the following questions:

For Leaders

  • How do we create a culture of patient centricity?​
  • How do we take patient centricity off the wall and put it in the hearts and hands of our people?
  • How do we make patient centricity work… in all departments?
  • What is patient centricity and how do we teach it to our people?
  • How do we help our people be more engaged and engaging?
  • For our partner-facing people, how do we help them have greater access and impact?

For Participants

  • How do I gain the trust of others both inside and outside my organization?
  • How do I engage others more effectively?
  • How can I love my job more and do a better job at it?
  • How do I make my company’s patient-focused vision work in my area?

By the end of the program, they will be able to:

Identify and share the evidence that patient centricity and profitability are inseparable.

Describe (and stop making) the biggest mistake commonly made that prevents us from being trusted partners.

Identify the key defining quality of people in life-science companies who are more influential and companies that outperform the stock market by 400%.

Articulate and communicate your purpose in a way that will drive your patient-focused actions and increase employee and customer engagement, build trust and open doors to change physician behavior.

Identify what you need to start, stop and continue to do to BE patient focused and profit focused at the same time.

Innovative Delivery Approach

After years of trial we finally have the perfect recipe. Our blended learning approach optimizes engagement and moves ideas to action and outcomes. We have proven results from the keynote, workshop, mobile academy and coaching. And we have a scalable strategy to roll out to large teams. Our Trail Guide mobile app empowers team leads to own and disseminate the program themselves. There is a format that fits your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more here

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