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“I sincerely enjoyed and benefited from this program. It helped me go beyond the facade we are forced to put on at work, and appreciate everyone for who they really are! Especially with the uncertainties of this COVID-19 era, I believe “Re-engaging with The Power of Purpose” can bring the team closer together and prepare us to serve our scientific leaders—and colleagues—in new and better ways."
Amir Karimzadeh
PharmD, Director, Medical Science Liaisons​
The Power of Purpose takes your patient-focused vision off the wall and embeds it into the hearts and hands of your people.” – David Fortanbary, Head of Training

The post-COVID-19 world has opened the door for biopharma professionals, providing a unique opportunity to re-engage with healthcare providers in a whole new way. It has become a defining ‘reset moment’ for biopharma.

With HCPs and patients more open to us than ever before, now is the opportunity to show them we are truly on the patients’ team. What you say and do matters—and it needs to be framed differently in the wake of the pandemic.

The new questions for pharma leaders are: How do we re-engage with customers and how can we re-engage our teams to create a fresh start post COVID-19?

At this unique moment in history, empower your team to Re-Engage with the Power of Purpose. The reward? Connection, meaning and impact like you’ve never seen before.

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Looking for an effective strategy to re-connect with HCPs and scientific leaders in the post-pandemic world? Re-engaging with the Power of Purpose helps teams grow their connection with HCPs and scientific leaders and feel more engaged in their roles. Our dynamic program will help you reach your corporate goals and keep the focus where it belongs—on patients.

Graduates feel the pride that comes from being the trusted partner and positively impacting patient outcomes and business outcomes simultaneously.

For life-science companies, Re-Engaging with The Power of Purpose ignites a cultural change that transitions patient-centricity from an ill-defined idea into a driver that creates value for your company, your people and most importantly—patients.

Re-engaging with The Power of Purpose answers the following questions:

For Leaders

  • How do we prepare our team to re-connect with customers post COVID-19?
  • How do we take patient centricity off the wall and put it in the hearts and hands of our people?
  • How do we make patient centricity work…for our field teams?
  • What is patient centricity and how do we teach it to our people?
  • How do we help our people be more engaged and engaging?

For Participants

  • What do I say and do as I re-engage with customers post-COVID-19?
  • How do I engage others more effectively?
  • How can I love my job more and be better at it?
  • How do I make my company’s patient-focused vision work in my area?
  • How do I gain the trust of others both inside and outside the company?
  • How do I connect my company’s patient-focused vision with my own purpose?​

By the end of the program, participants will:

Have built your own purpose story based on your life experiences.

Be able to clearly communicate your purpose in order to build trust, increase customer engagement, and change physician behavior.

Know the key qualities that define high performing life science leaders and companies.

Stop making the biggest mistake that  prevents us from being trusted partners.

Identify what you need to start, stop and continue to do to BE patient focused and profit focused at the same time.

Innovative Delivery Approach

The new realities of COVID-19, means that many of us have to work remotely. To address that reality, we have developed a new “Live Virtual” program which we use for groups of all sizes – and can be delivered via Zoom or similar platforms. In addition, we have proven results from our Power of Purpose Masterclass mobile academy and virtual coaching.  Our Trail Guide mobile program empowers team leads to own and disseminate the program themselves. There is a format that fits your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more here.

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