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“I am enjoying these monthly sessions a lot! You clearly put so much effort, thought, and research into your curriculum. It’s fresh, relevant and makes me think.”
Azah Borham
PharmD, Director, US Outcomes Research

You already know that purpose-driven people are your strongest performers.

Power Up Monthly empowers them to be their best.

Evidence shows that purpose-driven people are more motivated, engaged, and high performing compared to their colleagues. But how do you keep the fire of purpose alive in your people month after month?

Power Up Monthly is designed to bring much needed inspiration and ideas to your people—to stoke that fire of purpose. Think of it as ongoing jet fuel to help your people recharge and re-engage with their purpose. Designed especially for graduates of The Power of Purpose, Power Up Monthly is a powerful next step, offering new content on a monthly or quarterly basis to help participants move from ideas to action to outcomes. 

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Power Up Monthly is exclusively designed for graduates of The Power of Purpose.

After 12 lessons, participants will:

Affirm a stronger commitment to personal development and lifelong learning

Feel more motivated, engaged, and connected to their purpose

Understand the key habits and behaviours of high performers 

Identify areas for further growth and development

Feel more confident setting goals for personal and professional development

Innovative Delivery Approach

Each edition includes:

  • Short, powerful video lessons
  • A curated library of deep dive resources
  • Inspiring real-life stories from fellow life-science professionals
  • Helpful exercises and activities
  • Guided reflection and discussion

Participants become:

  • Re-energized with new ideas to apply in their professional and personal lives
  • Re-connected with their team through group sharing built into the program
  • Inspired to pursue continual learning and development
  • Equipped with fresh strategies to maintain and improve their performance in a healthy, sustainable way
  • Reminded of the power of purpose and the impact that their work has on patient outcomes
  • Better collaborators sharing best practices

Our unique delivery approach offers customized learning experiences for every team. Experience our programs live, try the virtual academy, or opt for our powerful live-virtual approach—perfect for connecting remote teams. There is a format that fits your needs and budget. To learn more, contact us here.

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