Our Purpose

About the Founders

Jill Donahue

Managing Director & Founder


John Elliott

Managing Director

Their Story

When Jill was 35 her father died of an avoidable prescribing error. As a pharma person reflecting on her family’s loss, she pictured the closed door. What if her Dad’s doctor’s rep/KAM/MSL had better access and influence? Conversely, John’s mother was kept alive and given tremendous hope through clinical trials. They know firsthand the power of people in life science companies to change lives. They believe it is dangerous that they are being pushed away from the healthcare table and have made it their life’s work to figure out how to gain back trust and influence so life science people can partner for better outcomes.

They identified big mistakes our industry has made (including emphasizing pills over people) and researched solutions to those mistakes. It is their passion to share them. As consultants, speakers and authors (of the award-winning EngageRx: The 3 Keys to Patient-focused Growth), and co-founders of The Aurora Project, they love helping people in life-science companies become purpose-driven, influential partners to greater healthcare outcomes. Not surprisingly, it is these people who see the best business outcomes! 

If you too are interested in empowering your people to be influential, purpose-powered agents of change, contact us

Patients need this. Healthcare needs this. Our industry and our people need this.


Our vision is of a world where professionals in life-science companies are trusted by patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and payors for the value they bring to improved patient care.


Empowering professionals in life-science companies to be patient-focused, influential partners who create greater healthcare and business outcomes simultaneously. 

We’ll know we’ve succeeded when life science people not only believe that when patients comes first, everyone wins—they’ll know how to make that happen.

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