Quick and Nimble – the secret ingredient that helps companies thrive

Adam Bryant started with a simple idea. Instead of asking CEOs about their strategies and competitive landscapes, he asked them about:

  • leadership lessons they had learned,
  • the culture they try to foster,
  • how they hire.

This idea burgeoned into a feature column in the New York Times called Corner Office and a New York Times bestseller by the same name. In his latest book, Quick and Nimble, he draws on interviews with over two hundred CEOs to empower business leaders with wisdom and guidance to help their own companies thrive.

What is the secret ingredient that builds companies that thrive? What helps attract and retain the best talent, encourage employees to bring their best selves to work, and foster an environment in which everyone feels motivated to innovate? The interviews all point to a short answer – culture.

Don’t you love short answers? But it led me to then ask, what is culture and how do I create it and what kind should it be? Pause for a moment and ask yourself, how much thought have you put into what you want your company culture to be and how much energy have you put into creating that culture?

How long would it take you to ask two hundred CEOs to reveal their insights on how to build and foster a culture that encourages innovation and drives results? Adam Bryant has done all the legwork for you so you can just enjoy his collation of their advice. And this summary culls all that advice into just three actionable ideas.

Enjoy my summary of top 3 gems from his book here.

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