Selling With A Noble Purpose

No one expected the study to reveal what it did. It was intended to identify what separated top salespeople from the average ones. The outcome? Bigger bonus? Greater product knowledge?


The top performers had one very distinguishing feature. They all had a far more pronounced sense of purpose than their average counterparts.

“The salespeople who sold with noble purpose – who truly wanted to make a difference to customers – consistently outsold the salespeople who were focused on sales goals and money.”

After six years of research and 10,000 hours of studying salespeople, sales leadership consultant, popular speaker and author Lisa Earle McLeod has no doubt about it. A noble sales purpose is the difference between a merely effective sales force and one that’s truly outstanding.

In Selling with Noble Purpose she shares the evidence behind her conviction and strategies to ignite your people (and your profits!) with their noble purpose.

Enjoy my summary of the top 3 gems from her book here.

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