The SCIENCE of Positive Persuasion

"You were the 'tipping point' in my career as a sales manager. After working with you, I have seen a 30% increase in sales results. I finally get it and so does my team."
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This is not a sales program. The SCIENCE of Positive Persuasion is a patient-focused engagement model for the life science industry. It address the fundamental question of “How do we engage others to influence better outcomes in healthcare?” Applying the learnings of behavioral science to influence and persuade, the program teaches participants what to do or say to move people forward faster, become an integral member of the healthcare team and, ultimately to positively impact better patient outcomes.

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Do you want to love your job in life sciences, feel more engaged and be more engaging? Whether you want to have greater connection with HCPs, feel more engaged, or to enjoy the pride that comes from being the trusted partner to HCPs who reaches your corporate goals and helps patients faster, the ideas in this program will be the catalyst to your success.

The SCIENCE of Positive Persuasion answers the following questions:

For Leaders

  • Now that our people have the patient-focused mindset and trustworthiness, how do they move others forward faster?
  • How can we play chess instead of checkers when it comes to engagement/influence skills?
  • How do we help our partner-facing people have greater access, time and impact?

For Participants

  • Now that the HCP (or colleague) is looking at me, how do I move them forward faster?
  • How can I become more expert such that I know what to do and say to move others forward faster?
  • How can I reduce frustration and increase impact in my influence efforts?
  • How do I see success more often from my influence efforts?

By the end of the program, they will be able to:

Identify small changes that will make a big difference

Avoid the single biggest mistake we make in our influence efforts

Describe the 5 steps of behavior change

Ask 2 questions to quickly identify on what step of change someone sits

Apply new strategies for each step of behavior change

Innovative Delivery Approach

After years of trial we finally have the perfect recipe. Our blended learning approach optimizes engagement and moves ideas to action and outcomes. We have proven results from the keynote, workshop, mobile academy and coaching. And we have a scalable strategy to roll out to large teams. Our Trail Guide mobile app empowers team leads to own and disseminate the programs themselves. There is a format that fits your needs and budget. Learn more here.

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