COVID-19 Support

All proceeds from Stronger On the Other Side are going to COVID-19 charities

"This course is brilliant! With a very short investment of time, I have a new toolkit to be more productive, focused and frankly—happier. I finally feel that it is possible to be stronger on the other side of COVID!"
Denise Grim
Territory Business Manager

The 8 Essential Strategies to Prevail Through COVID-19 

COVID-19 Support

All proceeds from Stronger On the Other Side are going to COVID-19 charities

COVID-19 has impacted all of us, bringing uncertainty, fear and new work/life conditions which make it difficult to be our best selves.

We crafted a program to help professionals in our industry prevail through our new reality. Using a research-based lens, this program provides 8 concrete strategies to help you manage anxiety, regain focus, and take back a sense of control during this crisis.

We decided to call the program Stronger on the Other Side. After all, that’s the goal! We can’t change the reality of the situation or resolve the deeper losses of family and friends that some people have experienced, but we can equip ourselves with strategies to prevail through this difficult time.

And, the icing on the cake – we’re donating the proceeds to COVID-19 charities providing PPE and training to HCP’s on the front lines. The more people who take the program, the more PPE we can provide. By taking this program you not only help yourself; you help our HCP’s and patients!

People We Have Helped

Watch the ~2-minute trailer to learn more!

Stronger on the Other Side offers eight short video lessons (~3 min each) and a library of deep dive resources to read, watch and do. Do as much or as little as you need, when and where you want. Tangible and practical strategies to help you prevail.

Stronger on the Other Side empowers participants to face uncertainty during this crisis.

Learn to:

  • Acknowledge your anxiety and manage it in a healthy way
  • Regain your focus by re-defining your purpose
  • Gain a new sense of control over fear and uncertainty


  • Less distracted and more engaged in your work and life
  • More competent at juggling your work, home and personal priorities
  • More capable of making your difference during crisis

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