The Happiness Track

“…the way we are taught to seek success – and what is culturally supported and encouraged – is plain wrong.”       – The Happiness Track, page 4

I bet you want to do a good job at work and enjoy what you do. You want to be successful and happy. Yet, achieving these two goals is more elusive than ever says Emma Seppälä, author of The Happiness Track.

What if happiness is the precursor rather than the result of achieving success?

Emma Seppälä wrote this book to show us how our happiness can maximize our resilience, creativity, productivity, charisma and other skills critical for success. She shares skills to help us be productive without chronic stress and how to achieve more without burning out. In short, she shares ideas to help you maximize your professional potential and personal fulfillment. She outlines the false theories we must reject and replaces them with new strategies; a few of which I outline below.

It is Emma’s hope that this book provides you with relief that you already have what it takes to be happy and successful; that a stress-free and fulfilled life is not only possible but also the secret to personal and professional success.

Read my summary of her excellent book to learn the 3 gems I took from my reading.

Bottom line; Pharrell Williams has it right… “It might be crazy what I’m about to say but happiness is the truth!”


The Happiness Track

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