The Upside of your Dark side

“Attitude is everything!” I always said. And what I thought that meant was that I should create a positive attitude at all cost. Turns out, that might not be the best plan! In The Upside to Your Dark Side, Kashdan and Biswas-Diener push our thinking beyond positive emotions. They go so far as to suggest that our modern quest for happiness through positivity, mindfulness and optimism is doomed!

While positive emotions can take us far, emotions that make us uncomfortable can take us even farther! They aren’t advocating that we live our lives in misery. Neither are they advocating for us to avoid large parts of who we are and how we feel. They encourage us, rather, to embrace our full range of emotions – not just the good ones – to be our most effective selves.

The authors have been studying the science of happiness, love, creativity and relationships for many years. They were dissatisfied with what was in the literature about how to integrate this science into the workplace. So, they wrote this book to rectify that dearth. In it, they share what they’ve learned we need to do to flourish and function optimally in a world where we often feel overwhelmed. Their goal is to bring you to your next level.

Enjoy my summary of top 3 lessons learned here.

The Upside of Your Dark Side

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