Want to save a few lives today? Here are 7 ideas

It’s easy – and you will benefit yourself too! Michael Bungay- Stanier – an all around great leader – who volunteered his time to speak at our Bricks and Books event last year (and did a SMASHING job!) is trying to end Malaria. He published a collection of useful, provocative and challenging essays on how to do more Great Work! The list of contributors is amazing, from Tom Peters to Brene Brown, Johan Lehrer to Pam Slim. It’s called “End Malaria”. Learn more below.

Why is it called ‘End Malaria’? Well, that’s where the magic is…

$20 from every book goes to Malaria No More to help fund their fight against malaria, a disease that kills one child every minute.

So far he’s raised more than $300k. One mosquito net costs $10, so that’s a lot of nets – and a lot of lives saved.

With World Malaria Day on Wed, he’s doing a big push.

He’s asking us to help sell more books, raise more money and save more lives

Anything you can do on April 25th to help get the word out would be fantastic.

He’s giving us full access to my EM Resources page. It’s full of copy, pictures,

the book trailer, tweets, everything he could think that you might need to spread the word.

Seven things you could easily do. Pick one! Pick more!

1- Send an email to 3 of our your colleagues

2- Put the awesome book trailer on your Facebook page or blog

3- Like our Facebook page

4- Tweet about it (using http://amzn.to/qOwyhl and #endmalaria tag)

5- Write a blog post

6- Write an Amazon review

7- Buy a copy or two for friends, clients, colleagues, team members

Thank you – think of the lives you’ll save! 

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