We Won!

We won! Okay – so no trip to Hawaii – but we presented a poster at the CACHE 2011 meeting and it won “best poster”. ….Such a nice acknowledgement of our hard work. Many thanks to Jim Shea at CCPE, Nicole Simpson at Abbott and our graphic designer Steven Byers at Bigg Brand Design. What was the key lesson from the poster? Read on….

The key lesson from this poster?… Learning in a group is really good! We compared the results of people who took PERSUASION Rx: How to Influence Ethically (CCPE’s most popular course) individually and those that met with a group of other students regularly, experienced a live workshop, had a contest to share best ideas and had learning support people. Guess who did better on the exam? You guessed it – the people who had the group support! We are social creatures aren’t we!?! The group allowed people to:

  • reinforce their learning,
  • spread ideas quickly,
  • stay accountable,
  • find and share solutions to real problems

How can you incorporate more group sharing into your influential efforts?

You can read the media release by clicking on the attachment below.

Social media release CACHE Poster

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