Pharma, but with purpose.
Missed our webinar, or just want to watch again?

Thank you for attending–or planning to attend–our webinar, “Pharma, but with purpose.”

Thank you to Paul Simms and his team at ImPatient Health for believing in the power of PURPOSE in pharma and hosting this event!

Thank you to our purpose-driven panelists!

Thank you to the live audience who loved it: 

  • A very new aspect of seeing things
  • Fantastic
  • Best webinar ever
  • Just the motivation I needed
  • This was an excellent hour
  • Amazing conversation!
  • Brilliant panel, fabulous panelist and great hosts!
  • Powerful
  • Inspiring call. Realigning with purpose is to important
  • Great way to end the week on a high note

And thank you to YOU for watching it now!

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