What kids’ soccer teaches you about selling

I was at my daughter’s soccer game last night and overheard an interesting conversation. One mother on our team was complaining, “All the other team wants to do is win. CHERRY PICKER!” she shouted with distain after a girl on the opposing team scored a goal.

I was confused. And apparently so was the mom on the other side of our vociferous neighbor. Our shouter went on to explain that our coach doesn’t care so much about winning but rather building skills. Whereas “all that the other coach wants,” she said (with her nose in the air) “is to WIN!” This dichotomy got me thinking.

When I teach pharma folks the SUASION Staircase that has 5 steps to influence behavior change, one of the big benefits is that they see and feel success more often. Instead of feeling frustrated that the person they are trying to influence “didn’t buy in” (and jump all the way up the staircase), they can leave the call with a smile and feeling of satisfaction that they moved the person up 1 or 2 steps!

I think this feeling of winning is key to future success. Why?

Read the 4 reasons in my article published in Focus magazine here


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