Wow! She’s impressive! My interview with LEO CEO Gitte Aabo

Gitte Aabo is leading the way! She has set a clear direction for LEO pharma. She strongly believes that “When we focus on the patient, business will follow.” She said “Our philosophy at LEO is that we run a profitable business so that we can provide better solutions for patients not the other way around.” In other words, the goal is to provide better solutions for patients. She says that this emphasis has a profound influence on how they do things at LEO.

Click on the picture above to enjoy watching my 15-minute interview with her in which I ask her questions like:

  1. How do you take the idea of patient centricity and bring it to your people?
  2. How do you measure your efforts to be patient-focused?
  3. Patient centricity and profitability, incompatible or inseparable?
  4. What are our challenges to gaining back our trustworthiness?
  5. Looking at the year ahead, you will be thrilled if what happens regarding bringing patient centricity to your organization?
  6. What was it that shifted for you to realize that patient centricity was the way to go?


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